Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Returning from NY and DC

There are many gracious people involved like, Amy King, Rebecca and Ellie, Daniel Nester, Michael Schaivo, Aaron Belz, Aaron's friends and cousins, Douglas Rothchild, Reb Livingston, Maureen Thorson, and, like a dream at the end, the beautiful Sami Miranda. Also, there's the baby sitter Jo, and my mother in law. And my wife is always just being greater and greater. Also, I suppose, airplane pilots and airplane crews, bus drivers, taxi cab operators, subway managers, and Amtrack trains. And the people who make pizza and fresh ingredients and Italian sandwiches. There are also the places that sell coats when you're cold and postcards, t-shirts, books, and delicious chicken salads. Also, there are bartenders and people you don't know who buy you drinks and other people who you engage in pleasant conversation. There are the nice people who buy the book and the ones who say something kind and thank you and say hello or something else. There is the crazy woman in the restaurant who is very entertaining while physically assaulting her male companion. There are the German tourists who walk out during the second poem. There are the car rides over bridges, through tunnels, underwater, down highways. The roadsigns, the convenience stores, etc. There is Michael's i-pod playing, etc. Conversations about cougars, work, directions. Also, Daniel's Brian May guitar. Also, the two cute kids on the subway and those shady guys who got off at successive stops, all watchful, whatnot, and nervous. There is Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan. There is Astoria and Williamsburg. There is 6th Avenue, Greenwich Village, Union Station, Penn Station, and 8th Avenue. The Metro card system. Addresses. There is Tom Koontz's red pick up truck, and Tom Koontz in other ways. There is Jen Knox. There is a thrift store involved, a hidden bottle of bourbon, wireless Internet service, licorice toothpaste, and photographs. There is hope of other things. There is getting lost downtown, at midnight, half-drunk, but quickly saving yourself. There is the ability to unlock a door that at first seems un-lockable. There is the forgetting of things. There are also car horns. There's the kids at home. There's the beautiful wife again. There's the desperation. There's the sleeping. There's the thumbing the pages of a book. There are showers and small farts.