Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Happens in the Future

It is possible that car accidents
almost happen but then don't.
Also, we are all aware of the way tires
might skid and the way there may
or may not be another car in
the other lane. And yes, there are
bridges and intersections and off-ramps
and whatnot. And the radio, it
is always on. It is also true
that other possibilities exist and that
some of them don't have real names.
This business of naming is tricky.
Not so much the currency changing hands,
but the feelings involved.
I'm telling you, I'm no pond of sin
but when certain people are floating on me
casting their lines in
I can't help but want to hurt them.
Also, when the traffic wants to kill me
I get a funny feeling in my lip
and start to snort some.