Tuesday, October 23, 2007


What I haven't mentioned, but what I should've said
was that I'll be reading with very good poets on my trip.
There's Aaron Belz and Michael Schiavo and Jennifer Knox
and Daniel Nester. This isn't the list,
it's the list of the people I feel like I know.
I feel good about this situation.
I feel good about it.
My goodness, you can't expect me to be something that knows
every you.
Anyway, there are people.
I am aware of all sorts of situations and yet what
I fathom is like the word fathom.
I can't seem to put it all together. I know I have tickets. I know that
planes fly. I am absolutely aware of the industry of
taxi cabs and the turnstiles into the subway. Even
the predictable nature of strangers astonishes me.

Your average cartoon uses decent colors because
everyone knows that a simpler world is a happier one.
I don't think you should take that as serious wisdom or advice.
I'm surprised you're even reading this.