Thursday, October 25, 2007

East of Indiana

It is possible that I will see you this weekend.
I hope it happens.
Even as I'm lonely when I look out the window,
I find a landscape I can wear like
ear phones. This is way better
than a Walkman. But I do remember when
a cassette in a Walkman was terrific.
But that's not the New York City I know.
Of course, I don't know New York
City or D. C. .
What I'm aware of is a thumbtack.
Perhaps, you could attack this
from other angles, but you'd still find
something else.
But not this weekend, I'm thinking.
If you see me.
Well, that's not exactly right, but
I am open to new seeings.
What I'm saying is obvious as long as you're
privy to my thoughts.
Which is not the thought I'm having.