Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bad Ideas Ookie!

People, I have so many cute things to say about my kids that I can't remember any of them at this particular moment. What's more important is the Oh My Goodness-ness of my overall dismay at finding myself writing again. Of course I love what I hate, but I can't seem to find the appropriate exclamation that makes my dismayity at my Oh My Goodness-ness enough. Yikes! We're all dying now!

Baseball is on and the Colts won. Max spent most of the day dressed as Obewon Knowbi and we snuck around the yard, stalking Jenn-Sith-ifer, while she planted flowers in the front yard. Ms. Baby Girl napped and then, later, repeatedly covered my face with a towel and said, "Where Daddi?" and then wanted to hold her brother's hand and have him run so fast that she fell to the ground.

I have never been happy with my body. My whole life my reflection has just always been a thing that has faults. If we were going to talk about happiness, I'd have to event new words like "fringe" and "nofringe" and "umpire" and "invent". I mention all of this because I do not know. (Please pronounce "do not know" as "dooo newwwt kneeeeeeew".) It pisses me off how frequently I notice mispronunciations.

For instance, I believe "for instance" should be pronounced "frough unstancey" . I would prefer that "prefer" was pronounced "Prayfruit". My hoowel loof is a furnace and I'm about to boooon sooom woooood.

Ullso, oute ishue is doo silence inherit in asking. Whatever I am looking for in pooitree is ubsent. The approval I seek usent external. In fact, everything I'm looking for is invisible (like a window). Ahh.