Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday Evening

I was involved in this Art's Kaleidoscope thing on Saturday. I should have put up something about it prior to the event. I've been lazy. But here's one of the poems I read, from the nice looking book they put together. Yvonne Williams organized this thing and did a really terrific job.

Also, there's other stuff. There's this, which is new and hilarious. Most hilarious are the poets saying stuff like, "You can't use my name! That's not my poem! I didn't write that! I'm gonna sue or just be super nasty!" It's funny for many reasons. Not so much the idea, but the people involved, which is, of course, the idea. My name appears on page 3,153.

Also, while Max and I were being Leo and Michelangelo, him on his bike and me on my skateboard, we stopped at this park by our house. We were running around checking out all these trees that have been planted in memory of someone. They all have an engraved, giant stone beside them and Leo would read them all as, "A great warrior, Donnie...who died in a tremendous battle with Shredder." Etc. It was excellent.