Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Was Also Blogging

The following poem is an example of a Mandrake. The form requires the writer of the poem to supply some sort of "brief introduction," which this sentence is an example of. I would explain the importance of the brief intro, except I don't need to. You can tell, even in this word (and certainly in the preceding sentences), that the intro to the Mandrake is an essential part of its Mandrakeness. You can learn more about the Mandrake in this article, published in Jacket, 2005.

I Was Also Blogging

Ron Silliman is a great American blogger, at least in terms of poetry blogs. Everyone reads him, including his friends, like Barrett Watten and Curtis Faville.

It says here: It's a 300 foot drop!

John Ashbery is a great American poet who also has written a great deal of art criticism and other things. His friends, especially Frank O'Hara, are legends, like him.

It says here: This is improv. This is "Who's Line Is It Anyway?"

You know, I like Amy Gerstler. She's a terrific poet and also very,very kind. I also like reading Dennis Cooper's blog. Dennis and Amy are longtime friends. Dennis' blog is a little heavy on the gay porn/exposed, effete, young male side for me, but it's always interesting anyway.

It says here: Not a human thinking, not a human something, but a human being!

You know, I think Amy Gerstler should have a blog. She could link to me, Peter Davis, and other people she knows like Dennis Cooper.

It says: It's a washing machine, not a cocktail waitress.

William Carlos Williams was no Wallace Stevens, just as Wallace Stevens was no William Carlos Williams. We're comparing apple doctors and orange insurance men, here.

It says: Now I'm done. Hey, hey, everybody! Ice cream sandwiches!

The long and short of American poetry is Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson. Neither blogged in the true, bloggy sense. But both were clearly endpoint indicators, in regard to the specific length of a poem. This doesn't make them familiar with computers, but it does imply technology.

It says: Rated at 35 miles an hour! Two amazing cars! I got a knucklehead!

But, really, everyone reads Silliman's blog. Even if you don't, it's kind of like you do just because you might have heard of him or poets like Rae Armantrout or Amy Gerstler. Even if just through this poem! I know I mentioned Amy before, but I guess I'm still thinking about her.

It says: You are suffering from a medical condition. Morel mushrooms! That is because, don't get me wrong, let's pretend this was all spontaneous!