Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I'm Bothered That He's Bothered

"... in 30 years that text is likely to turn up on my* record. This is not some victimless prank. It's a world class Stupid Artist's Trick."

Ron Silliman writes this in response to Nada Gordon in the comments stream at his blog in his "Issue 1" post of a few days back...I can hardly improve on Nada's response, but, still, I guess I just want to give Ron shit about this. I know Ron doesn't need shit from me, but I can't hardly stop myself. Why does "Issue 1" offend Ron? Because it uses his name in vain.** I could understand Ron being upset if they actually were writing slanderous stuff about him, but instead, the editors are clearly engaged in an interesting creative project. There is absolutely no way that people who care about poetry won't get that. Ron, you have nothing to fear! Your "record" will be spotless! To prove my point, I will write another poem attributed to you, which, I will make certain, doesn't affect your literary standing at all.

Dear The Future,

Even though I'm not actually

Ron Silliman, I'm pretending

to be just for the sake

of this poem.


I'm a pretty good guy

who is an important part

of the literary community,

but I'm kinda being

a grumpy old tool

when it comes to this

Issue 1 thing.

--Ron Silliman

*The emphasis on my is Ron's.

**If you threaten to sue me or something I promise to take this down immediately and make a public apology.