Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You're Wondering How the Reading Was? I Was Wondering Too...

The flier looked like this, except that it was rotated a quarter turn, clockwise. You see what they did here? They combined the Hitler's Mustache cover with the cover of Dan Machlin's book, Dear Body:. That was terrific, I thought. When I found myself spotting this flier, I thought, That's terrific.

When I found myself reading with Dan Machlin I was glad. And talking with him, too. And his book is beautiful, in the sense that there are people in the world doing wonderful things. You can feel it.
What sort of church? One with Joyelle McSweeney and Johannes, their sweet kid, Sinead, who was everywhere like a cartoon that makes you feel better about the universe. Touchdown Jesus is terrific when you think about it. Not that you would think about it. But, you should: Many sizes of the universe. Food is not exactly eating food, but it's close. Sometimes, when you feel good, you know it's because there are students with good attitudes.

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