Friday, November 23, 2007

Things You Wear to Church

Ties are really evil.
Like snakes or lizards growing
around fleshy human necks.
The long tails hang down
and often that is like
a tongue that is lapping up
blood, or silly political talk.
Especially if you have a gruff
voice or something like a
pointing finger. What I'm talking
about is the evilness of ties,
the way they slickly slit veins, etc.
Ties spread disease and like making
boils, blisters. They cheat
on tests in junior high. They wear
horrible shirts.
These poems turning stupid
shit into something stupid
and sick are very obvious.
Gay congressman have to deal
with this sort of thing.
It's not exactly the cost of being
a human, but it is homemade
and sold in the deli.