Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Not Exactly What I Mean

Instead of "Happy Thanksgiving" you
should say something else (though
I don't know exactly what). I
mention this only because I know
that saying "Happy Thanksgiving" is
like saying "Swim in pig blood" or
"Put guts in your boots." People who
say "Happy Thanksgiving" are often
people who approve of murder,
rape, and child molestation. Not all
of them are like this, but a huge
chunk of them are.
I do not approve of those things.
That is why I'm saying you shouldn't
say "Happy Thanksgiving."
It's not that you want people to have
a bad day on the fourth Thursday
of November, rather you don't
want to wish pestilence and disease
on people. That's what I assume.
Saying "Happy Thanksgiving" is
like filling someone's nose with
locusts or stuffing onions in a dead
person's throat. Nobody wants that.
I'm a horrible person and I don't
want that. Even if you like
gorry shit, you have to admit that
this is pretty bad.