Thursday, August 06, 2009

First Day of Guys' Weekend

7:00 am, up. Scooby Doo movie
9:00 am, read newspaper, crossword. Max outside.
10:00 am, pack up back pack (fishing stuff, drinks, a couple of weapons)
10:45 am, buying fishing license, buying a second fishing pole
11:10 am, fishing, walking around by the river, playing Ninja Should
1:30 pm, lunch at McDonald's (including ice cream)
2:00 pm, home, play outside, phone calls, 2 episodes of Wolverine and the X-men
3:30 pm, Max to friend's house to play, me to gym and grocery store
5:30 pm, home, dinner (pancakes)
6:15 pm, more fishing, more walking around by the river, more Ninja Should
7:15 pm car ride home, idea to continue to play same episode of Ninja Should for whole weekend.
7:30 pm shower, Ninja Should, brush teeth
7:40 pm pick out new Hardy Boy's book to read, begin reading.
8:00 pm night night "Goodnight, Hood," "Goodnight, Niner."