Sunday, August 02, 2009

How to Play "The Fighters"

I was Jared Fighter and he was James Fighter and we're twins, age 11, who are very poor and orphaned. We live in the backyard of our best friend's house, Sara Crystal, age 10, who is a super good fighter and lives in a nice house. The other person who helps us fight the bad guys is The Wizard of Oz, age 20, who is also homeless and nearly impossible to get a hold of. To reach him we must send notes via carrier pidgin. We might have to send four or five before we reach him. He helps not by fighting, but by providing various spells and potions to help out. For instance, our brains are not influenced by the telepathic powers of our nemesis, The Snake Without a Name, who's chief power isn't his limited telepathic powers, but his ability to control metal. This ability to manipulate metal is how he created, and guides, his army of robots.  Anyway, The Wizard has protected us from The Snake's mind powers until we turn 20. At that time we will have to learn to fight his telepathy like everyone else, including Sara. 

Our training involves sword fights for various prizes. To win a sword fight one of us has to touch the opponent with a sword a given number of times. The first training fight is completed after three touches. The second after four. The third fight is over after five touches. This pattern continues until the eighth training fight, which requires ten touches. The winner of each match is rewarded with a prize which is placed on the Magic Stone before each bout. (The loser from the previous match is required to fetch and place the next prize on the stone. It doesn't matter who places the first prize on the stone.) The prizes that can be won are, in order:
1. The wand
2. The Blue Thing of Awesome Powers
3. a small coin purse full of coins
4. the Blade that Can't Be Beat (a sword that never loses)
5. the fork (weapon)
6. The Gun
7. The Stick of Wonder
8. The Note

The winner of the last bout (The Note) is the overall winner, no matter who won the majority of the sword fights. The winner advances to the next level, Level 2. Then, all that remains is advancing to the final Level. We train often in the the training area of Sara's yard. We both really want to win the "small coin purse full of coins" because we're so poor. Also, the Blade that Can't Be Beat is highly prized, for obvious reasons. (The winner of The Blade can not use it in the remaining training fights since it would clearly be an unfair advantage.)