Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Demolition Derby

At the fairgrounds, the fairgrounds
seem to be everywhere. Fairgrounds
scream through the carnival rides. Fried
around the fairground is a crispy batter.
While not everyone is alive, some of those
who are are present. The rest, like
me, are arriving in a frothy fog.
Things explode and cars crash on purpose.
There are children. 
There is a sense of dread that is small-
town and homey. I start to drift
on the radar, beeping in weird places.
My son is tied to the family he was
born into. In this sense, we're tired and equal.
I explain to him the way that the world is
absolutely full of people and that it's 
always really been like that, especially
when there weren't dinosaurs or anything.
The room to breathe dwindles 
but the habit of movement is funky.