Monday, June 08, 2009

One's Feelings about One's Experiences

When one returns from a trip, one is no longer gone,
but present again, as if some magician has been
turned inside out.
This magician is an idiot and so his gloves aren't white
and under his new trees are new weeds.
On the trip, one may experience family relationships, including
the relationship with a father, a mother, a brother, a sister-in-law,
a niece, a nephew, a wife, a daughter, a son, and perhaps
other relationships. These back-and-forths can
be classified as fulfilling or unfulfilled, hurtful or helpful.
There are many ways to categorize these episodes. One
can place them on the spectrum of a trip, or "vacation," if you will.
In malls, one may misplace their little girl
and become terrified and angry. One may mouth words like
"What the fuck?" and "What the fuck?" and "What
the fuck?" One may also mouth a saying like "What the fuck?"
Other proverbs may flash through an experience 
like bits of rice in a soup. Also, food is expensive or free.
The airplanes are very similar and the airports also
have a sort of ease about them that requires little
in terms of new processing. 
One can be grateful to be home, noting home is always better
than anywhere and noting, too, that the turtles are
still alive. Noting, also, the garden has grown and yet
the grass isn't extravagantly high. Green
is beautiful color, be it when one returns
or when one is gone. 
One can feel all colors begin to make sense.
One can all feel all sense slipping into useless color,
substituting one shade for another.
The kids sleep or do not. Cry, or do not. Eat, or do not.
Then, in a little fan of hope, one feels
the possibility that nothing is lost. That all is arrived.
That the perfect spreading of return is complete.