Sunday, May 17, 2009

The First Sunday of Summer

I should have something to say.
It's the sabbath, after all,
and I probably shouldn't have spent
so much time working in the yard.
But yard work is like being a kid
and being a kid is like really
living. When I say really living what
I mean is that it's all over with now.
Imagining the bad guys behind
the shed. Twirling the stick
as a sword and using the back of your mind
as a place to project pictures.
My kids, however, are still kids.
To them, the projector isn't even a projector
yet. To them, getting a sticker for peeing
on the potty is good stuff, people.
You should be so lucky.
If so, the beauty in the world doesn't
disappear, but it starts to get
weirder. You might not know how to act
in the long run, but in the short
run, you make a name for yourself
in halls of elementary school.