Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mother's Day

I feel my best when I'm on a skateboard.
On a skateboard,
I am another human, one more mobile
and more attached to a small plank of wood
set atop four small wheels. 
My wife is very beautiful.
Physically it's like she is trying to eclipse
her inner goodness. 
It's like she has decided to grow
a force field around her inner goodness
but creating a shell of beauty 
that no one would dare penetrate. I have
penetrated this shell and am lucky.
People, I have been lucky
to be inside my wife
and watch my kids expand her belly
and see her explode with them.
She is not a skateboard but I am
free when I am sailing on her.
I look at her and the sea waits.
My ollie, sometimes, is
perfect. When it is, she snaps into the air
and when I land 
my feet are just glued.