Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Spend Money

So, I had  just finished reading some poems
and came back to my stool and sat down and
pulled back my beer and sucked on it a little
and looking out the window I saw 
the image of a tow truck just as
it was pulling out of the parking lot
with my car, which was attached 
to the ass end of the tow truck and I was 
like, there goes my car.
And it was lucky I had a friend there
with a 100 bucks cash and lucky to see the car
go because they wouldn't accept anything
but cash. And the point is only that those reading
after me, like Joe B. and Ryan R. and 
Megan V. and Joe M. and Jeremy B. and
whoever else might be reading
that I'm not aware of, I missed. 
I wouldn't have been able to stay the whole
time anyway, but I feel bad leaving.
Anyway, you people, I was able to get my car
without a ton of trouble. 
I'm sure the rest of the evening rocked.