Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Not Meaning to Be A Jerk, But Also Wanting to Say Something That's True

I just read an interview with a poet whose poems I like
but who really said things like
"My enchantment, my idea of enchantment, my ability to 
be carried away to other worlds through enchantment (animals,
books, music) was a gift I was born with."
and "I have been told that my poetry is full of music. 
I'm asked how I go about achieving that. Honestly, 
I have no answer for that, and I'm not even sure what it means, 
except that I have a natural and easy sense of
sound and rhythm that I don't have to work for."
And then the poet describes being protected by animals
and how the poet doesn't fear bears and how practically rabid
dogs actually leap for joy on the poet, because, I guess
the dog senses it's in the presence of the poet.
Beast master, bear whisperer, enchanter 
and enchantee. One who has studied "Bach partitas 
and sonatas for practically my entire life." Friend
of the homeless though the poet was practically orphaned. 
It's all so beautiful I don't know what to do with myself.