Saturday, February 28, 2009


On post # 501 to this blog, I'm here to say that I've opened up the comments thingy. If you have a comment about this please feel free to comment. If you want to comment about something else I guess that's okay, depending on what it is. I would appreciate your comments, because, well, it would make me feel important and like you and I are closer than we presently are. That sense of closeness is important to me, for reasons that I can't quite articulate but that I suspect have to do with making me feel more important. Of course, now that I've asked for your comments, I'll feel really bad if I don't get any. Having said that, don't comment out of guilt or pity. In fact, please disregard the bulk of this, except for my good intentions. I am full of good intentions and, thus, skateboarding into H-E--double-hockey-sticks.