Sunday, April 27, 2008

The First Time I Owned This CD It Was A Tape

In 1987 my brother was either a junior in high school

or a senior and I was either a freshman in high school or a

sophomore. Metallica was sweet and so was

Megadeath and so was Anthrax! Caught in the the mosh!

So were the Suicidal Tendencies. So was my my

Powell-Peralta skateboard. It was always Bones!

In search of Chin, mutha fuckers!

"I'm the man," rapped Anthrax on their seminal EP

I'm the Man. And they were. Cause me and Jason Matthais

loved RUN DMC too. It was a sweet time in ways.

It was confusing. But Scott Ian was fucking rad!

There was no denying that. You could sit around and deny

that shit for hours, but you'd get no where.

Scott Ian was bad ass and so was flipping up the bill

of your baseball cap and even writing something underneath,

on the visor. Dude, my Chuck Taylor's were duct-taped

because the left side of my left shoe was always ate up

from Ollies and just fucking skating, man.