Monday, April 14, 2008


Things to note here:
--I am wearing a shirt that I still wear. I wear it in summer, un-tucked, with the sleeves rolled up. Or sometimes under a sweater.
--That blue thing to my left is a Battleship game.
--There are pictures on the wall that me and Mel and Darren did one time with crayons.
--I am listening to a record player that is very old. I still have it. Presently, it is in my son's room. Max is five and the only thing he wants to listen to is side one, record one, of Bruce Springsteen's The River. We repeatedly discuss our favorites, in order.
He likes:
1. Two Hearts
2. Jackson Cage
3. Sherry Darling
4. The Ties that Bind
5. Independence Day

I Like:
1. Sherry Darling
2. Jackson Cage
3. Two Hearts
4. The Ties that Bind
5. Independence Day

--I appear to be looking down, at Frank Sinatra, who appears to be smoking, and looking up at me.