Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Present Situation

I have noticed how few people
commit suicide during
a press conference.
It is an unlikely situation. Occasionally,
a Budd Dywer will exist
and exit as a hole is an exit.
I have also noticed
my wife is very, very beautiful, keeping
me impressed nearly always. I wander
through this daytime as a cough.
I think of the paper walls
in an ancient Japanese setting.
A sort of picture exists.
It is not Van Gogh.
But it is Kenneth Rexroth neither.
I think of Kenneth Goldsmith.
This name is not Japanese.
And in NYC there is a city.
Even people who have lived often notice
irregularities in the poorly imagined universe.
So far, from what I can tell,
an art critic is about to begin speaking.
Quiet! Quiet in here, head.