Tuesday, December 25, 2007


There is the thing about the presents which
are mostly appreciated but unused. Of
course, yes, there are sales at various
retailers, and, yes, mothers.
There are also other types of family,
in laws, etc.
There are in fact highballs for the very
old who are still drinking.
I am having a gin and tonic.
Also, there is the everything, the over-the-
top, the wrapping paper and bows.
In one room there is a song coming
trough the TV. The song is "It's Beginning
to Look A Lot like Christmas." This
is bad. The woods are closing in.
Next year the Christmas tree
will be fake, which is better
and more real. I'm not a fan
of DVDs and video games for my kids.
I think, like, Everyone knows
that shit is bad for kids.
I even receive an enormous tin full
of very delicious chocolate.
The expense of it.
I mean, the cost of appetizers, the wear
on the tires.
Our warranty is only for so long
so you make split second decisions.