Saturday, May 19, 2007

Being Unable To Answer The Basic Questions Sestina

Here's the thing about Beverly Hills

There was a time in my life when, O,
I don't know, Beverly Hills
seemed like one
place I wouldn't go. By 9
I was usually drunk. By two
I was super drunk. O,

anyway, thinking it over now, O
I have no idea why. O,
beside being drunk, I was stoned too.
Could that be why Beverly Hills
90210 struck such a chord? 9
times out of 10 I was stoned. One

time, in one
episode, Dylan started calling Brandon, "Brando"
That was sweet. I was on cloud 9.
That was Beverly Hills.
That was 90210. Too

many shows try to
be 90210, but there is only one.
It's in Beverly Hills.
O, O, O
O, O, O!
I could O nine

more times but that's so transparent. I need to use 9
and that's important too.
But nothing like 90210. I mean 90210
deserves praise. And one
way to do that might be a structured poem. But O,
a poem is a very small hill

in Beverly Hills. A poem is like having 9
parts out of 1,000. And that's making it sound good too!
It's more like a poem is worth 1 and 90210 is worth 90,210.