Friday, May 18, 2007

The Dylan MaKay (90210) Sestina

I don't know why but I keep thinking of Dylan.
Of course, with Dylan, I think of Brenda.
I think stuff like Jeez, Dylan,
that guy was something. No wonder Brenda
fell for him. You wanna talk bad boy, Dylan
was bad, bad boy. A girl like Brenda

(cause she was really just a girl)... Brenda
could barely handle Dylan.
But she kinda could handle Dylan,
but not really, because ultimately Brenda
went back to Minnesota (or Paris--Brenda
was gone is the point) and Dylan

left alone, as only Dylan
could be. Even when he was with Brenda
he was alone. Brenda
couldn't penetrate that aloneness. Nobody but Dylan
could do something about that. Brenda
tried, but you can't just change Dylan.

At seventeen, Dylan
was the Dylan of sideburns, of Porsches, the Dylan
of arched eye and wrinkled brow. Brenda
was no match. Brenda
was smart, but Dylan was smart too. Dylan smart. Dlyan
smart is smarter than Brenda smart. Brenda

smart still lived at the Walsh home. Brenda
smart was unsure. Dylan smart was Dylan
sure. And Dylan sure was sure about one thing: Dylan
lived free and was sure about who Dylan was. Dylan
wasn't Brenda. Brenda's life was fine for Brenda,
but it wasn't for Dylan. Brenda

gave Dylan her virginity. Brenda
gave everything she was to him. Brenda
gave it all. Her parents said, "Brenda,
look at what you're doing." And she was doing Dylan.
And they knew that she was doing Dylan.
And they thought they knew Dylan.

But they didn't know Dylan. They didn't even know Brenda.
They didn't know how Dylan loved Brenda.
It wasn't their fault. They were unknowable, Dylan and Brenda.