Sunday, May 13, 2007


Are you a person too?
Have your parents fucked you up
or have your parents been terrific, like mine?
Even if questions aren't very interesting,
neither are answers.
You find yourself with friends, or without friends.
You find yourself with a family, or without a family.
You do or do not find yourself alone, or not alone.
There are things with the past that look
like long, layered feathers and you want to
look at them closely, on the other hand, it's boring.
If you drink, you drink more or less.
If you watch TV, you watch it more or you watch it less.
It doesn't matter if you lose people along the way
or if you grow more or less alert.
You find that you can't tell someone you love
something that's important to you.
Even when people visit graves, or witness fake deaths
on TV, the fake snow feels like the real snow.