Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How It Happens

When I settle into myself
it's like a piano, or at least
the keys being pushed
(like something).
There is the volume control
for the TV and the hat
that is static.
This static hat sits here and then
shuffles away, leaving little
Hung in the hall, on hooks of
gold, hardly dripping
any sweat, I see the prisoners
that I wasn't even thinking about.
I'm not even thinking about
them now, instead
I'm concentrating on
a bullet that isn't acting like a
bullet. No, it's a mullet.
No, the word poultry, or
poetry. No, it's not even that.
I'm talking about sailing
science and wings
spread through the teeth
of a lisper. I mean, the wind.
No, I mean the the
transparent fist.