Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snowy Dead Geese, Or Something Whistling?

Snow like dead geese and
when you move
a deep ocean in your legs
so that you believe you're
a broken VCR.
My whole life I've been trying
to not be what I am.
I keep saying, "I'm in an egg!
I'm Cinderella!"
I say, "Am I hole in the earth
that is opened?"
I mention this to all of my
illegitimate kids.
They are lined up, uniformed,
and generally attractive.
With the hush in this winter
I know the wind
is causing the roofs to melt.
This stuff swelling up from
the ground is called
a drift.
I remember as a child in Indiana
that it's the drifting that's trouble.
My wife says, "Trouble?"
I say, "No, but something whistling
is happening."