Tuesday, February 20, 2007

90210 Sestina

It began when the Walsh's (Jim, Cindy, Brenda, and Brandon)
moved from Minnesota to Beverly Hills. Dylan
called Brandon "Minnesota." Kelly
loved to shop and was rich and blond, like Donna,
who had a learning disability. The nerd was David
and he was picked on by jocks like Steve.

Mrs. Tisdale, the principal, could barely handle Steve.
In the end, Steve and Brandon
were the best of friends. Even Steve and David
eventually became close friends. Steve and Dylan
too. At the start, I don't know if Steve and Donna
were friends, but they were in the end. Steve and Kelly

had dated, but were just barely friends. Kelly
had a reputation for being a slut because of guys like Steve.
Donna, on the other hand, sweet, sweet Donna
was a virgin and proud of it. Eventually, Brandon
had lots of women. Brenda lost her virginity to Dylan.
Dylan was 17, a recovering alcoholic, a rebel, nothing like David

who patiently waited years to sleep with Donna. At 15, David's
best friend, Scotty Scanlon, killed himself. Kelly
was nearly killed in a fire. Once a mob target, Dylan
faced death a number of times. Always something. Steve
got in fights and even the good kid, Brandon,
had drug problems. Drugs even took hold of naive Donna.

But every one was inspired by Donna.
Her innocence and spirit. She and David
got married. It was beautiful. Once, Brandon
was going to propose to Kelly.
I don't remember if he did. Or if Steve
got married. I don't think so. Dylan's

fiance was accidentally blown up in a car--by her dad! Dylan
dropped to his knees, tossed his head back, and wailed. Donna
and David can almost understand Dylan's pain. Steve
dated tons of girls...O, the people I'm not mentioning! Like David's
dad, Mel Silver, the dentist. Mel married Kelly's
mom.Other things I'm not mentioning: Brandon's

Emily Valentine. Brenda. Euphoria. Jack McKay. Valerie. Donna's
abusive Ray. Claire. Steve's mom. More Brenda. David's
meth dealer. The Peach Pit. Brenda. How much Kelly loved Brandon.