Sunday, January 18, 2009

Songs for the New Short Hand Cd (Unfinished) and Other Stuff

Songs for the New Short Hand CD:

Death at Your Door
Jason Mathias
On My Skateboard
Certain Strangers
The Scary
Identical Things
Fort Lauder dale
Birth Control
Little Girl
All Is Right
Mohammad Ali
Family Van

Of course, all of this means nothing to you and only means small things to me. But today there was sledding. I was Michelangelo and he was Leonardo. We were also just "Good Guy" and "Evil Guy." I was Evil Guy. He kept going further and further. So much so I had to say, "Hey, I never thought you'd be getting so close to the river, but since you are, hey, seriously, when you're near the edge there, stop yourself. Just put down your legs and arms. You don't want to go in the river. We don't want to test that ice." And Monday is a holiday, so, we'll finish this Ben 10 book. Huh? You don't know Ben 10? Well, as far as Max is concerned, you should look it up.