Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Place to Put My Grief

When Bush won in 2004 I was wincing
and wincing and it was all sliding around inside
of me. Oh, goodness, Palin is like a porno whale
in my fat cells. She is blubbery and light
blue. She is urine-y in me, doing handstands
and reciting a manual on dumb handstands.
Anyway, this hung, dead shit is
bobbing around my head
and I keep thinking...Those saucer eyes,
those saucer eyes, can I gaze into
those saucer eyes for four years, four years....
Indiana is shrinking all around me now
as might an allergy to a throat,
a bee sting on an tonsil.
Even after all of the dead have been counted,
will there be a room removed to
make way for the bloody towels? Will
I have to add-on, or can we simply
dig a deeper pit?