Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Nice Thing for Saturday

My friend Todd says some nice things about me here. That's nice of him. What a guy! (Really!) He likes the Poet's Bookshelf books (check links to your immediate right) and wonders what my 5-10 essential titles would be. What's really important about this situation isn't that I answer the question, but that you (whoever you are) buy those books. Why? Well, because they're good and people like Tom Koontz of Barnwood Press deserve your support because he kicks so much ass in a world that doesn't always kick so much ass. Even so, here's a first quick list for Todd (in no order other than unconscious):

Flannery O'Conner (esp."A Good Man Is Hard to Find")
Leaves of Grass
Bob Dylan
Kurt Vonnegut (esp. Cat's Cradle)
William Carlos Williams
Wallace Stevens
Sherwood Anderson (esp. "The Triumph of the Egg")
Emily Dickinson
(Blah...) The Bible
Nabokov (esp. Pale Fire)

And that, You People Who Inhabit the Universe, is the half-truth!