Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to Appreciate Chicago

I just came from here and it was very nice. I saw a couple of familiar faces and a number of new ones. I made a Hitler turtle out of my book for the benefit auction for the New Orleans Public Library. That makes me feel philanthropic. I rarely get a chance to feel like that. A lot of driving today, but also a new memory of Chicago. Other important memories of Chicago: Seeing King Tut with my family in the 70's, Cub games with Brad, going to The Art Institute when I was dating my wife, my brother's wedding, my sister-in-law, another wedding, seeing Elvis Costello and the Attractions with my wife when she was just my was a beautiful night. She wore a polka-dotted dress. I wore a sort of fifties style navy shirt. There was a mirror above the bed in our super swanky hotel room. But we didn't even have sex. We were close and half naked, but we just laughed about it.