Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Cover of the Book

Here and here people are discussing poetry book covers. I think the pink cover of my book is good. Of course, I drew and designed it. Of course, it's got the blank Hitler stare. It's got the bar code mustache. I wanted that mustache to be the actual bar code of the book, but for legal reasons it had to go on the back. Anyway. The bar code is from a Henri Michaux book. I just used the Michaux book because it fit. I had the image for this cover in my head the entire time I was writing the book. In fact, this image came up in the initial conversation about Hitler's mustache that eventually lead to me writing the book. The idea of the bar code was first mentioned by my friend, Darren. The overall design is from a Hitler poster. The image was there but when it was time to actually draw, I couldn't seem to get it right. I tried and failed enough times to try an alternate cover. But Tom Koontz, Barnwood publisher and all around trusty advisor, said, No, try again with the face. So I did though I was kinda mad about it at first because I felt so frustrated. I like that someone looking at the cover would eventually, inevitably utter the phrase "Hitler's mustache." I was thinking something pastel for the background to lighten up the image. My wife said "Pink" and when she did I felt like I really knew, yes, pink is the color. In a way, pink is always the color.