Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sorting Through Various Artistic Experiances

What I've heard from some is that the new Short Hand CD, Toward Orange,
sounds different from the previous Short Hand CD, Good Enough.
In many cases this difference is seen as a positive, as I understand it.
It is also seen as a negative.
I am never sure of anything that I understand.
I understand that things change, that people don't make sense,
that what appears to be a bird can sometimes simply be a refrigerator.
Even the most basic forms of mistaken identity are interesting.
For instance, I was crawling through a furnace,
and there, in the inside of my ear,
I heard a siren wail and an ambulance coming.
So, I don't have any excuses. Still, what I see
in front of me is a super goofy car wreck.