Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Am Willing If You Are Willing

The past couple of days Ron Silliman has been mentioning Poet's Bookshelf and so this blog has been getting more visitors. That's great. Thanks Ron. Thanks visitors. Here's some of the deal. Yes, there is a new Poet's Bookshelf in the works. This time I have a co-editor, Tom Koontz, who was recently photographed with my 9 month old daughter, Stella, in my backyard (she is eating a small towel).
Like volume 1, volume 2 of Poet's Bookshelf has many cool poets in it. I will not list them all here, but some of them are: Jack Anderson, Mary Jo Bang, Ellen Bass, Robert Bly, Nick Carbo, Maxine Chernoff, Tom Clark, Martha Collins, Shanna Compton, Catherine Daly, Edward Field, Sandra Gilbert, Noah Eli Gordon, H. L. Hix, Anselm Hollo, Kent Johnson, Ilya Kaminsky, Jennifer Knox, Ben Lerner, Eileen Myles, Alicia Ostriker, Linda Pastan, Marge Piercy, Katha Pollitt, Jerome Sala, Reginald Shepherd, Tony Tost, Diane Wakoski....and many more. (Please forgive any name misspellings.) You should buy volume 1 and you should buy volume 2.