Sunday, August 19, 2007

Something Positive, You Know, Grateful

When my folks were here this summer, my dad went to the Delaware County Fair with Max and me on a few nights. One night we watched stock car races, short track and figure 8 racing. One night we watched the high school marching band competition. Max liked the slide when it came to the rides. One night we couldn't leave when we wanted because there was a bomb scare and the police were checking out a suspicious package--right by our car! The cop leaned down from his horse and whispered in my dad's ear. The morning my parents left we all had breakfast at I- Hop. Afterward, I came home and went to sleep and Jenny and the kids went to Target. When I woke this note was in the door with 20 bucks. (Notice that it includes the date and time.) Now, seriously. You are born in this world with parents. What can you hope that they are?