Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Title Was The Hard Part

I believe it's important to pay close
attention to everything Dr. Phil
says. Today he told someone
that we get what we ask for
and I thought about that for awhile
because I agree with Dr. Phil.
I began to ask myself,
What am I asking for?
This wasn't a new game I was playing.
Even if there are moments
that my shield is to the side
and I am stuck with some giant
javelin, it is always less impressive
than it sounds.
It doesn't even sound good.
You should hear my son sing.
You can't tell if he's screaming
or trying to speak German.
I find that I can't speak or
scream without having the sensation
that a belt is dangling in my throat.
I was telling students to say
something interesting
and meanwhile I was begging
three explanations from a police officer.
The first thing he said (and
I'll never forget this)
was about an actor with dark