Friday, January 05, 2007


I met Muhammad Ali in a bus station in Louisville, April 1, 1987. He was walking out of the bathroom while I was walking in. I was with a church group. He signed autographs for everyone and did some magic tricks. There were maybe 15 of us. He was very nice. It was late at night too, maybe 11:00. The autograph is really his signature, but it was done prior to meeting us. Some guys with him kinda organized us into a line and when it was our turn a guy beside him would hand him the above tract (which is, of course, promoting Islam) that already had his autograph and the words "To" and "From" on it. Ali just filled in my name and dated it. You can tell the ink is different. He had big hands. Some of the people in my church group found the question on the above tract to be absolutely scandalous.