Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And An Economy

My son is like a fizzy,
lime-flavored soda.
He's a sort of a frothy flute.
He's a gravelly fruit
delicious in certain salads
and occasionally served
with cheese.
He is also like a rock-n-roll band.
He is also like mysterious, very
small bags of dirt.
He is nothing like
Hitler's mustache.
He doesn't even know what that is.
He's that sort of history book.
Also, he makes no mention
of steam, engineers, roller derby,
the feudal system, or corn.
Henry V, George Washington,
and Margaret Thatcher are
persona non grata.
I'll give that to him.
His selectivity is inspiring.
I want to see
if he can qualify as a faith-based
program. I am seeking monetary
aid. My son is like a shoebox
and an economy is collapsing
into him.