Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Small Triumph for the Artist

In 1993 I was in college and lived with a couple of guys in an apartment. In that apartment we kept an Elvis dollar bill (see above) and a Hank Williams Jr. dollar bill (whereabouts unknown) on our refrigerator door. One day, along with some friends, we all played some basketball. We played for a few hours. And we weren't the athletic type, we were just guys who never played basketball, who went out and played a few hours of basketball. We came home worn out. My friend removed his shoes and found enormous blisters on the bottom of both big toes. I do not remember why or how, but he gently clipped the dead skin of his blisters, removing two, quarter-sized chunks of skin. It occurred to either him or me that we should draw on this skin. On one skin, I drew a small portrait of Elvis Presley (above, right) and he drew a small portrait of Hank Williams Jr.(above, left).We inserted these small toe-skin portraits into the plastic pockets that protected our respective novelty dollar bills, where they were mostly proudly displayed. And now I've got them. Now what's that all about? What's the deal with that?