Monday, December 04, 2006

What to Do with This Poetry?

I could try making a hat. Or
maybe mixing it with a sandy/gravelly
substance to produce a sort
of cement. I might repair a small
hole in the foundation
of my house.
I may create a bee repellent or
some brutal bug zapper.
The possibilities aren't staggering
but they're impressive in their way.
For instance, this poetry
may be read by strangers or friends
and digested in the manner that
poetry may be digested.
Of course, that doesn't sound very
spectacular. The greatest thing
might be a sort of paper hat
that is folded in such as way so as to
frame the face effectively. With my
round face, I need something angular,
while you, with your whatever face,
need whatever you need in the way
of paper hats.