Friday, June 27, 2008


Just returned from a couple of days.
My wife and sweet kids went with me. They're beautiful.
I read at the Danny's Series and at the Fixx Series.
It was nice to see A. Belz and A. Guth again, and nice to meet Chris G. and Peter M. and Nick O.
Nathalie Belz played chess with Max and Stella walked around in Nathalie's shoes.
Eli Belz bummed ten bucks from his dad to buy Hitler's Mustache and told me he really liked "The Short Story" and "The List of Facts."
We saw the aquarium.
I was half sick.
I slept in the car in a parking garage.
We had room service.
At 2 AM, we made it home.
It was all beautiful in a Family Vacation, half-kills-you-half-kisses-you sort of way.