Monday, February 18, 2008

Walt Whitman

He says, "I've got a large white beard!
I like it." Other people acknowledge
his beard. You can hear some of them
saying things like, "Indeed, his
rather large beard is a wooly, excellent poetry."
He says, "I care for wounded
veterns and I self-publish!"
He also says, "I have influenced
many startling poets!"
Some people say, "This homosexual
is like over-the-top and, like, ugly-fleshy."
He says, "Whatever, you
stupid fuckers! Whatever."
And some of them (who are standing
near a lake) say,
"Oh yea, Whitman? Fuck you!
Fuck You, Whitman!"
But he's like, "You can kiss my fairy ass!
I'm smarter than you think!"
But some of them
still say, "You're stupid," or
"Whatever, dickhead!"
But he yells, "I'm rubber,
you're glue!" And they're, like,
"Good one." And he's, like,
"Yea, it was good!" And they yell,
"Faggot!" And he's, like,
"That's what I'm talking about!"

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