Monday, January 14, 2008

The Truth (part 3) !

Now, the cheeks once pinky
and youthy are furry
and even velcro-y.
The beard arrives as if pubic
hair, yet more acceptable
than puberty and the showers
that happen after gym in junior high.
This thing
comes with purpose, populating
pores and surfacing
in ways made strange by absolutely
A beard isn't a note-worthy
situation. It is a natural action
of male face skins. Yes, I can
lightly stroke it and caress
it with my tippy fingers.
I can even imagine bees bouncing inside
of it! O, beard! You are here as are
we all. We are all here for you
O, beard! Yes, most of us are united
in our quest to welcome
you warmly and with extreme
humility. I am no ancient Chinese poem
but I have a life too!