Tuesday, June 19, 2007


When you are putting together poetry anthologies you often deal with poets. When dealing with poets one may realize that some poets are unpredictable--they say something, but then they don't do it, or vise versa. Of course, many poets are very, very nice. When dealing with poets, my advice is to expect some wackiness and to try to enjoy it, as opposed to letting it ruin your day.

When walking out the door of your child's pediatrician, do not walk into the door frame, you might create a welt on your shoulder. My advice when walking through a doorway is to avoid the solid matter that composes the door and door frame. Instead, simply walk through the air.

When expecting good news that doesn't arrive, you may begin to feel betrayed and bitter, this is a form of anxiety manifesting itself. My advice is be sure you're breathing and to try and stay busy. For instance, you could update your blog.