Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Notes on Conference Making

I have feelings that are hard to express.
There are things I'd like to to say but don't know how to say them.
I feel the need for conferences is funny.
I attend conferences and feel my needs for attending are funny.
I was thinking this out with my dog, and couldn't imagine it.
I don't believe that poets are different than other types of people.
I beleive we are different because we are poets, but I believe we are people.
Some people believe in community.
Some people believe in community but can't tell you why.
Some people say they believe in community but don't.
People work and have jobs.
Or they don't.
Some people believe in sending, responding to, and creating invitations.
I don't know why I'd open my mouth.
I regret it when I speak up.
And I'm not even speaking up.
I too enjoy thinking about Utopia.
How about, The Associated Writing Utopia?
Here we will all finally be on the same page.(Ha!) You know, like, really, you know, all be for what we're for and against what we're against and all that other stuff...You know, fuck those careerists and those whatnots, cause we'll be just in love with the craft. Pure, like a purist, but different from what you might think I mean when I say the word purist. It will be very special and different, because it's smaller, more exclusive, purer, you know, purr, purer.
We're not like them.
There's High School and then there's collage. I say, College was okay, but let's go back to High School.
And I don't even know that High School is better than College, I'm just saying.
I mean, I went to college and even got a master's degree (twice) but I never really appreciated the world unveiled to me. I appreciate the veil. I like High School where you know everyone and have kissed a higher percentage of your graduating class.
I got even more play in Middle School. That's when french-kissing was like finding a cool place to skate.
By 'skate' I mean skateboard. Which is what I'm talking about, you fucking dorky bitch.